Am I eligible to enter?
May I enter on behalf of another company?
How much does it cost to enter?
When and how do I pay?
Can I extend the word limit for my entry?
Will my financial information be made public?
What is the deadline for entries?
Will the deadline be extended?
What happens after I’ve entered?
How do I find out if I’ve been shortlisted?
If I’m shortlisted, do I get a discounted table?
Who are the judges?

[anchor id=”q1″]Am I eligible to enter?

To check  your eligibility, go to the Enter Now page.  Once you’ve registered/logged in you’ll be able to see the full entry criteria for each award.

[anchor id=”q5″]May I enter on behalf of another company?

Yes – although if you are an agency entering a company on their behalf, you must state this in your entry. There is a section on the entry form where you can put this. Please ensure you provide your contact details plus those of the company you are entering, as this is how your entry will be credited for the Awards.

[anchor id=”q10″]How much does it cost to enter?

Each category is £120 + VAT. The exceptions are Construction Client of the Year, which is free to enter, plus CEO’s CEO of the Year  and Building Personality of the Year, which are both free to nominate through the website.

[anchor id=”q20″]When and how do I pay?

It’s free to register and start an entry, and you only pay on submission. You can pay, submit and edit an entry right up to the deadline.. You can pay by credit card or we can invoice you if preferred.

[anchor id=”q30″]Can I extend the word limit for my entry?

The limits have been set at a level that  should offer enough room to fully explain your entry.  The word limit cannot be extended.

[anchor id=”q40″]Will my financial information be made public?

No, all financial information is for our use to judge the category only and will not be shared outside the Building and judging team.

[anchor id=”q50″]What is the deadline for entries?

The deadline is Friday 23 June 2017.

[anchor id=”q60″]Will the deadline be extended?

We have no plans to extend the entry deadline further.

[anchor id=”q70″]What happens after I’ve entered?

We’ll send you an email to confirm that your entry has been submitted correctly.  If this doesn’t arrive please contact Ruth Sutherland. The entry deadline is 5pm, Friday 23 June.  The shortlist will be compiled from all  the submitted entries and announced towards the end of July.

[anchor id=”q80″]How do I find out if I’ve been shortlisted?

The shortlist will be announced towards the end of July and published on the Building Awards website, Building online and in Building Magazine.  You will also be contacted by a member of the Building Awards team shortly after the announcement.

[anchor id=”q90″]If I’m shortlisted, do I get a discounted table?

There aren’t any discounted tables, but we’ll let you know as soon as tables go on sale.

[anchor id=”q95″]Who are the judges?

The judges will be announced at a later date Please keep checking back and look out for announcements in Building Magazine.

[anchor id=”q99″]How can I keep up to date?

Follow us on Twitter: @Buildingawards and @Buildingnews. Send us a tweet and use the hashtag #buildingawards to keep in the conversation!

If your question hasn’t been answered, please contact one of the team.