Building Performance Award

For the first time, the Building Awards are celebrating the Building Performance Award.

This category is for any building project 2019 where building performance has been a primary focus for the project team. Buildings performance exemplars entered into this category should include the use of low environmental impact materials and processes for construction and feature low energy and water consumption in use.

Judges will also be looking for measures to ensure optimum building performance after handover including features to enhance the wellbeing of building occupiers, ongoing monitoring of resource use and the satisfaction of building users. Buildings should be completed in the UK between March 2018 and April 2019. Entries will also accepted for older buildings where post occupancy monitoring programmes have been concluded in the year March 2018 – April 2019 and are included in entries to demonstrate building performance.

The award is also open to any initiative that promotes building performance. This could include design tools and monitoring and reporting mechanisms and tools that are focussed on improving building performance. We are also looking for evidence of how the initiative has enhanced building performance.

Enter this category to see the entry criteria for each award – so you’ll know exactly what you need to supply for your submission.