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Put your company at the forefront of UK construction

Sponsorship of Building Awards 2019 will put your brand in front of the biggest names in the UK construction.  This is not just on the evening of the awards, but throughout the marketing campaign – which runs from now to the Awards ceremony on 5 November 2019, and beyond.

After the reveal see which category best resonates with your company and your business objectives and get in touch.

The power of Building – what it means for sponsors and the Building Awards
Building is the leader in breaking news, comment and analysis for the construction industry. With a total of over 195,000 registered users, 203,956 monthly unique users and a social reach of over 100,000 followers, Building is the most powerful media force for the industry today. As well as exposure to the leaders of industry through Building’s coverage of the awards, engage with the widest audience through a plethora of marketing and networking opportunities.

Get in touch with our team to find out about this year’s opportunities.

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